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Black Seed Oil & Argan Oil Keratin Hair Treatment Leave in Conditioner Spray

Black Seed Oil & Argan Oil Keratin Hair Treatment Leave in Conditioner Spray


Heat Protectant Spray for Curly Hair


  • 🌗 220℃ Heat Shield with Black Seed Oil (220℃=430℉)  Black seed oil is known for its high concentration of amino acids & vitamins that naturally restore and protect hair growth in thinning areas. Our Spray with black seed oil has a lightweight but high-density formula that protects your hair cuticle from external heat in damaged areas.
  • 🔍22 Keratin & Protein Infusion Hair Repairing Treatment  Our spray is composed of 22 various protein complexes like keratin that help to restore hair cuticles. Keratin fills in damaged areas along the hair strands and strengthens hair that has been damaged due to chemical and thermal styling products.
  • 4 Hair Treatment Oil for Natural Hair Styling  For natural hair styling, you need to keep your hair in a natural and healthy condition. Therefore, just as dry skin requires moisture, oil may be needed to moisturize your hair. 4 layers of oil consisting of argan, caster, black seed, and peppermint will provide moisture and gloss to your curl.
  • 💦Spray Before Using Hot Tools  Apply evenly to damp hair prior to blow-dry & heat styling. Your thirsty hair is able to absorb all those good proteins and moisture and protect your hair cuticle from external heat. Drench your curls in moisture and boost shine in a frizz-free style.
  • 🚫No Paraben, Sulfates Free  We put in enriched ingredients, excluding harmful ones. It really works for your damaged part and will help you get your hair back to optimal conditions. With daily use, it will reduce breakage and make the tresses more manageable.
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